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    In 2018, after being embarrassed by his much-loved friend “Tucker” - a neutered male poodle who is still hypersexual, opportunistically humping on any female dogs & guests, the CEO & Co-founder Chris Long was determined to create a phenomenal dog sex toy that has never existed in the market to resolve the issue. While Canine sexual health is one real thing, educating dog owners is another.
    Today, we are all here to assist hundreds of thousands of other embarrassed and 
    troubled owners.  Have a question, or want to spread the doggy love?
    Shoot us a quick email at info@puppypleasure.co
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    Development background

    With research information collected from 26891 experienced dog owners,  developed by a dedicated engineering team over 2 years’ time, Puppy  Pleasure® takes care of your furry friends’ sexual frustration like no others do. we were finally able to transform our wild thoughts into reality and develop the world’s 1st male canine sex toy – helping dogs release sexual tension and addressing issues caused by sexual frustration. Realist looking, soft synthetic fur, bite resistant and easy to clean. A definite instant “hard-on” for your doggy friend guaranteed!

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